FIRST AUCTION 12.04 -12.05

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

How does the auction work?

To submit an offer, you must previously register on the site. After receiving the confirmation email, click on the link and confirm your profile. Congratulations! You are ready to participate!

How to buy an item from an auction?

All items offered at auction have a starting price that is also minimal. By submitting your offer, you begin a bidding for the case. The winner of the item is the person who bids the largest amount by the end of the auction.

What if someone else offers a larger amount for an item that I want to buy too?

If someone overtakes you with an offer, you will receive an informative email that your offer is no longer the largest. At this point, the fight for the subject begins. React quickly! Always be careful and count on the possibility of someone sending their offer at the last minute, overtaking your offer when you will no longer have time to react.

What if an item is not sold at auction?

If an item is not sold during the auction, you can send us a purchase inquiry at the starting price after the auction ends.

How to pay for purchased items?

After the auction is over, we will send you an email with a proforma invoice and payment information. Payment is made transactionally to the account of Dalmatian Story j.d.o.o., which organizes the auction sale. Payment must be made within 15 days. If the item is not paid within that period, it will be offered to the first next bidder.

How to pick up purchased items?

After the end of the auction, the delivery method is agreed. For those living in Split or the surrounding area, where the auction is located, the items can be picked up in person. For those living in the rest of Croatia and abroad, the method and amount of postage is agreed, which may vary depending on whether you want to receive through a classic postal service or using DHL services.